Fractal Collective is a foundation of four like minded individuals that value urban arts as a form of expression. We believe that urban inspired dance, music and film exceed merely impressing an audience. Urban arts, especially Breakdance, has the potential to express feelings and tell stories. Fractal's vision is to make meaningful dance theater experiences that integrate film, audio and other art forms next to dance itself.

Fractal created an awareness of more artistic levels in their craftsmanship. As dancers
 and individuals in the urban culture, we obtained a way of learning that is based on multidisciplinarity. It is part of the artistic process to always dive into something unknown, something outside of our comfort.
Fractal's research into its own signature is very personal and current. This comes from the street and is based on interactions with audiences in different contexts. The makers therefore look at manners that they recognize and how the different identities in society come together - as well as how they are expressed on different stages and in different forms. 
Within the collective, the different cultural backgrounds of the members are self-evident - just like diversity
is in metropolitan society. This helps to keep a diverse view on current topics and social happenings. It allows us to discuss, exchange and create holistically. 
Zino Schat is dance maker and choreographer of Fractal. After being guitar teacher and street performer for many years, he decided to get together with Robert Villedieu and start making theater performances with the vision of integrating Breaking as art form to tell stories and express feelings. 
In addition to that he works as choreographer for the National Opera and as audio producer. He has been producing music for several full hour pieces as well as doing sound design for videography. 
Robert Villedieu, originally from France, is co-initiator of Fractal Collective that was founded in 2014 together with Zino. Robert gained experience as a performer with various French and Dutch companies like ISH Collective, Backbone, Danstheater AYA, and is active in sport as a personal trainer. He is making Fractal's pieces together with Zino. His starting point is always to let the body be driven by intention.  
In addition to the work he is doing for Fractal, Robert is teaching regularly Breaking classes and personal fitness. 
Constantin Trommlitz, originally from Germany, joined Fractal in 2016. By having a similar mindset and movement language, he saw himself fulfilled in Fractal's shows. After doing Breaking Battles and dancing for Dutch theater companies for many years, he decided to set his focus on dancing and creating with and for Fractal. 
Beside dancing in Fractal's pieces, he is working as videographer for various kind of projects, from documentaries to music video to trailers. 
The foundation exists since March 2019 under guidance of Rozemarijn Schouwenaar and Thijs de Bruijn.
 In 2020 Julie Vegter joined the foundation as support in structural and organizational aspects.  

Rozemarijn Schouwenaar (1973) is chairman of the supervisory board of Fractal Collective. She developed a love for dance at young age, performed with the talent class of balletschool Monica Burger and received tuition at Theatervormingsklas, Amsterdam. She received her BA degree in Art Management and works in performing arts ever since. Rozemarijn works as a specialist at LKCA (national centre for amateur arts and cultural education) in the domains of cultural education, dance, urban arts and youth art.  She currently works on improving cultural education in the curriculum for all vocational students (mbo). Her mission is to connect through art and enrich young generations with creativity as a basic competence for life.
Marieke van Dis is business leader of the collective and supports the makers in expanding and running the organization. Marieke is a cultural entrepreneur in urban music and dance and supports various artists in their careers.
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