“In resisting the unpleasant, the ugly, the disturbing, and accepting only what is pleasurable, do we not bring about constant conflict? Love is not the opposite of hate. (..)Listening is an act of attention, as observing is. If you do not condemn noise, you will find it (stops) to disturb the mind.” - Jiddu Krishnamurti, philosopher
Fractal collaborates with Japanese visual artist Daijiro Hama and Justin De Jager as co-choreographer in “And the rest is noise“ to research how noise can be perceived by a human; somewhere between silence and buzz, between focus and distraction, between faith and release.
In a versatile theatre piece, noise - commonly understood as unpleasant acoustic sound - is put into a broader perspective. In life we are surrounded by noise: A city that overwhelms, a phone that rings, a force that misleads... 
“And the rest is noise“ starts with a blank page. Surrounded by an innovative soundscape and live painting, Fractal discovers the pure connection between sound, movement and monochrome visuals. Within this sphere, they look for the purest connection between them. The rest becomes noise.

Supported by Amsterdams Fonds Voor De Kunst, Fonds Podiumkunsten, VSBFonds, Korzo, Het Huis Utrecht
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